FAQ – Wheelchair Lifts

1. Which are the different styles of wheelchair lifts you supply?

We supply inclined platform lifts, vertical platform lifts and portable wheelchair lifts of superior architecture, designs and features, which can be used in both residential and commercial settings.

2. Which are the major branded wheelchair lifts you offer?

Our success is largely based on our manufacturers. The wide variety of quality products you find with us are mainly sourced from industry leading manufacturers you can trust, which include Savaria, ThyssenKrupp Access, and Adaptive Engineering. The products we make available from them are entirely free from manufacturing defects.

3. Can your platform lifts accommodate all types of wheelchairs?

It doesn’t matter what kind of wheelchairs you use, our platform lifts can load any type of wheelchairs including adult wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, child wheelchairs and sports wheelchairs.

4. How strong are your wheelchair lifts?

Our wheelchair lifts and platform lifts are specially designed with good loading capacity and strong structure capable of withstanding dynamic overloads.

5. What are the safety features built into their design?

Multiple control stations, user-friendly controls, under-platform sensors, handrail, emergency stop switch and anti-slip flooring are some of the safety features incorporated into our wheelchair lifts. The sensitive bottom plate system is one of their added features, meant to automatically shut down the system, on sensing any obstruction.

6. Can you tell me something about the drive systems used in these wheelchair lifts?

They mainly function in three drive systems which include A/C powered belt driven ballscrew, battery powered belt driven ballscrew and battery powered hydraulic.

7. Do you provide ADA compliant products?

Yes, almost all wheelchair lifts we provide are compliant with ADA regulations.

8. Is there manufacturer warranty for your products?

Yes, all our wheelchair lift models come with standard warranty period, ensuring lasting performance.

9. What is the expense involved in purchasing a wheelchair lift?

You can choose products that would stay within your budget. The costs of our wheelchair lifts vary according to their features and specifications. And, for our quality installation, repair and maintenance services, you just need to pay reasonable service charges.

10. What is the process once I've decided to purchase your wheelchair lifts?

DAY’s factory trained professionals will assess your building construction, and install the device in your residence or office, suiting the specific structure of the building.

11. What about after-sales services?

We provide periodic check-ups, repair and maintenance services to keep your wheelchair lift functioning properly throughout.

12. What is the most suitable time to reach you?

You are free to reach us anytime; our on-call services are available round-the-clock.

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